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Zetron Online carbon dioxide analyzer, to provide products and solutions for the gas industry !


Therefore, in order to better realize the precise monitoring and control of carbon dioxide content in natural gas, the current more China petroleum co., LTD has introduced Zetron online carbon dioxide analyzer and TH2000-C-CO2-A-H, with its high precision measurement technology and real-time online monitoring function, quickly and accurately detect the carbon dioxide content in natural gas. In this way, enterprises can find and deal with the problem of excessive carbon dioxide content in time, to ensure the stability and environmental protection of the production process. This will not only help to reduce the possibility of accidents, but also to improve the production efficiency and economic benefits of gas enterprises.

Gas industry gas detection solutions:

1. Program background

Terminal CNPC Southwest Oil & Gas Field Branch, medium: natural gas pressure 3.3 MPa, 2.8 Mpa, normal temperature 18℃, components: CH4, C2H6, C3H8, H2S, CO2, N2, H2. Natural gas pipeline measuring CO2,0 ~ 100 PPm (adjustable)

2. Solutions

The overall equipment is of the outdoor type, Can be placed in the open air, The system is equipped with power management and protection system, detector, pumping pump, efficient condensing system, drainage system and other equipment power supply; Equipped with automatic cooling, dehumidification and constant temperature drainage system, The system is equipped with a dust filter and treatment device, Can achieve the purpose of filtering the dust and tar of the measured gas; Detection point pressure maximum of 3.3 MPa, Minimum of 2.8 Mpa, Specification of supporting customized sampling valve: belt / Class600 DN40RJ HG / T 20615-2009; Considering that the detection point is frozen in winter, Power distribution heating system constant temperature control system and 10 meters electric heat tracing pipeline;

3. What product is matched

On-line CO2 analyzer, TH2000-C-CO2-A-H

Dual-stage electronic condensation dehumidification system, power management and protection system, fine dust filtration sampling head (flange installation), long life brushless pump sampling distance of 40 meters, automatic cooling, peristaltic pump drainage, filter tar, reserved manual back interface, sample gas temperature within 600 degrees; suitable for high water vapor, high temperature, the detection and analysis unit is not very high; pump suction detection; with explosion-proof external box;

Detection gas: carbon dioxide CO2; detection range / detection rate / detection principle:

CO2:0-100PPM, 0.01PPM; Imported long life, high precision, high performance, long light range infrared principle sensor;

Concentration unit, display mode, Chinese and English operation interface, 7 inch touch screen operation, import sensor; three wire / four wire system 4-20ma signal + RS485 + relay output;

Large capacity data storage function (standard 100,000 pieces, larger customizable); multi-mode alarm function, logging function; detector explosion-proof grade: ExdⅡCT6; sampling valve specification: belt / Class600 DN40RJ HG / T 20615-2009; contact medium part is 316 / 304 stainless steel; power distribution heat tracing system and 10 m electric heat tracing pipeline;

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