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Attention to the selection of combustible gas detectors for chemical plants


The gases produced by chemical plants during the production process include sulfur-containing compounds, chlorine-containing compounds, carbon oxides, hydrocarbons, oxyhalides, etc. The specific gas contains many types, and the physical and chemical properties are relatively complex, and some It may be poisonous. The composition of combustible gases in gases produced by different chemical industries is also very different. For example, the combustible gases in the mixed gas produced by the chlor-alkali industry mainly include vinyl chloride, acetylene, etc.; the combustible gases in the mixed gas produced by the nitrogen fertilizer industry mainly contain nitrogen Oxides, carbon monoxide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, methane, etc.

In the design of the chemical plant, a toxic gas alarm system can be added to continuously monitor the leakage of toxic gas in the environment around the process device or storage and transportation facility, and alarm in time to ensure the safety of the device and the person.

Due to the complex combustible gas composition in chemical plants, what factors should be considered when choosing the combustible gas detector model for chemical plants? Yi Yuntian combined years of industry experience to sort out a few elements and hope to help more people.

1. Clear the characteristics of the on-site use environment, such as the specific conditions of parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.

2. The purpose of knowing the need for a combustible gas detector is to understand why you need a combustible gas detector

3. What is the measuring range of the flammable gas detector, that is, what is the range of the flammable gas detector? There are clear parameter requirements, directly give this parameter to the customer service staff, they will give you the most suitable range according to past customer cases.

4. What is the installation method? After confirming the operating environment of the combustible gas detector, you can basically determine the installation method of the combustible gas detector. There are common portable combustible gas detectors and fixed installation of combustible gas detectors. If it needs to be carried easily, the portable combustible gas detector will be selected for occasional inspection. If it needs to work for a long time, if it is operated for 24 hours, the fixed combustible gas detector will be selected.

5. What is the price of the flammable gas detector? The combustible gas detector ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands. The most important factor depends on the combustible gas detector's range, detection principle, installation method, etc., as well as the brand and service.

6. How to choose a manufacturer of combustible gas detector, try to choose a company with qualification certificate, R&D strength and production workshop, so as to ensure after-sales service, and the price will generally be cheaper than the agent.

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